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Managing all your online expenses can be painful

Shoppa lets you manage your expenses, view deliveries, check for better deals and see your refunds

Shoppa helps you do this with three little steps...


Connect Your Email Inbox

No more searching through spam and promotional emails to find your purchase receipts, Shoppa pulls them all out to show you the items you bought, the prices and the Retailers. 

  • No searching email for receipts
  • Uses the email on the Smartphone
  • Supports multiple email accounts

Connect your Card

Connect your bank or credit card to match the purchase to the receipt helping you see what you purchased and on which card you bought it on. 


  • Connects over 60 banks and credit cards
  • Allows you connect all your cards
  • Auto matches the card to email receipt

Free to use, Shoppers can see a history of all their purchased items across their cards, can track deliveries*, returns and refunds


  • See items, prices and amounts

Shoppa matches the card to the receipt

  • Track purchases,returns and refunds
  • Be notified of cheaper deals, post items to eBay or Buy again*

*Coming soon


Managing shopping becomes easy

Managing shopping becomes easy

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We support all these lovely Retailers and more....


Military Grade Security

All your Data stays on your smartphone giving you complete security and control.

We have developed AI on your smartphone to take the Email receipts and transaction data from Open-banking to securely process all your information on your phone. 

Jenny, Edinburgh

"I buy maybe three of the same thing in different sizes to see what fits and the same again in a different colour, then I have to send back - Shoppa helps me track what I sent back"


Linda, Bristol

"We don't have time to go to the shops with two kids, we buy everything online and on several credit and debit cards. Keeping on top of all we buy and have delivered is nightmare" 

Emma, London

'Getting home late I struggle with deliveries and returns, we have a pile of stuff we have not sent back and lost money on. I need a reminder of what when things are being delivered and need returned"

Tom, Manchester

"I buy tons on line but then find I need to get rid of things but posting to eBay is a nightmare, this will really help me declutter the flat of gizmos I don't need anymore"