Who are these guys?

Last Christmas our house was like a ‘Fair’, parcels being delivered and stacks of stuff to return. It was dead easy to get the stuff ordered and delivered but when we needed to send it back it was nowhere near as simple. Why could returning stuff not be as simple? why was it so hard to keep track of all the orders, returns and refunds? Surely there was a better way!

Bringing together some of the brightest brains in technology, retail and banking we set about building an answer to this problem, Shoppa was born. We wanted to build an App that meant you didn’t have to go into your email to find the order, remember that password for the portal, label and parcel it, hoof it down to the post office and then forget to remember to check you bank account to see they sent the money back.


We started off by sticking to three simple principles, make it simple, secure and usable. Shoppa is simple because you can see all the stuff you ordered online like a big catalogue of all your stuff, it lets you see what can return and what you cannot by retailer, lets you track the return and then tells you when they have refunded the money into your account. It secure because we give you control, all the email and bank data stays on your handset. Getting all the information in one place is useful but we wanted to make it usable, we have set about working out how to have someone pick up the returns from your house, post stuff  you don’t want on eBay in three clicks and a useful ‘buy again’ button - so you don’t have to remember where you bought something.


The Shoppa App is just the start, we want to make shopping onLine fun and take the pain out the experience. 

AJ - Copy.png

Single minded mission to stop having to go to the Garage to return the tons of shopping that gets sent back from my house


Adrian James

Roman - Copy.png

I lurve Data, lots of it! Shopping creates loads and so does the bank. Heaven.

Chiefy Data Guy

Roman Popat

Martin - Copy.png

Connecting stuff, I will connect stuff like things have never been connected before. Making stuff easy. 

Technical Chiefy

Martin Langosh

Eric - Copy.png

You ask I make, I love to make. This Shoppa is great because it will make life SO easy

Engineery Chiefy

Eric Ruck

Andy - Copy.png

I am like the Picasso of Apps, I will make managing your shopping a work of art. 

Arty Chiefy

Andrew McIntosh